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Working for Prosperous Bosnia and Herzegovina

Restart operates as a business embassy for the diaspora. We handle business requests and facilitate investments coming from the diaspora network and their contacts around the world.

Restart aims to serve entrepreneurs, business-oriented individuals, and municipalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina needing better international networks, a better information base, as well as consulting regarding direct and indirect investments. Restart reaches out also to all other members of the Bosnian diaspora who desire to directly take part in the economic and social transformation of their homeland.

For these companies or individuals who have a hard time navigating through the legal framework and complex administrative processes, offers a solution on a “turnkey” basis.

Let’s unite and work together towards this goal! These are few ways to interact.


Bosnia and Herzegovina struggles to attract foreign investments and is behind neighboring countries when it comes to FDI values. It’s great to attract large investments, at the same time we believe that the it’s more realistic to attract investments to the dynamic SME sector. We invite you to get in touch with us if you are looking for interesting projects to invest in. Restart team maintains a list of Bosnian up and coming companies who are willing to expand their ownership structure.

Access to Contacts

Another way to engage is to introduce the opportunities in your home country to your contacts where you live. You are an Ambassador and trusted advisor for your network. Most of the investment engagements in Bosnia and Herzegovina have come either through diaspora members or their friends and partners. There are very few investors that have decided to invest in our country by coming on their own.

Knowledge and Creativity

Exchange of knowledge sparks creativity. Bosnian diaspora professionals around the world have accumulated knowledge within different industries and we consider that the best way to support the growth of your home country is through knowledge sharing with fellow professionals in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This will lead to a creativity boost that is very much needed for a better future of its citizens.

Our Services


We handle various administrative procedures  for the establishment of a new company: company registration in Municipal Court, offering experienced accountants and finding a suitable office and handling office lease paperwork.


We provide consulting for engagement of highly skilled professionals in the legal sector and accounting. Later on, we will offer you direct contacts of freelancers and vendors in the areas which your company needs.


We advise management teams about creating effective business processes in a Company. We’ll prepare an analysis of your needs and help your management team to establish a working process for the whole team.


We organize educational events, conferences, courses, skill-based training within Media / IT / Business as needed in the market. The market grows and changes so fast that it is necessary to constantly learn and thrive in your area.

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Founding Partners


BAFA (Bosnian American Friendship Association) is the most prominent organization of the American diaspora in Bosnia. It’s a membership-based community organization whose mission is to enhance human and social capital in both countries through the promotion of volunteerism, diversity, and responsibility. BAFA is based in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

SEEBA is the consulting company in Stockholm that provides services in the field of business and digital strategies, delivers high quality IT / Media consulting services in Scandinavia sourced from Southeastern Europe. Their comprehensive portfolio of services fit anything needed to start, develop and grow a company.
 SEEBA is based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Supported by

Restart is a local partner organization on USAID’s “Harnessing Bosnia and Herzegovina Diaspora for Economic Development Activity” (Diaspora Invest)

Collaborative Partners




Established in 2015

Restart was established through the support of MarketMakers with funding from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).