Restart & Macedonia 2025 awarded Adnan Turic with scholarship for the 9th edition of the LEADER Project in Skopje. The Ivey School of Business has been organising the LEADER Project since 1991. This program is an MBA-styled, ten-day workshop that empowers entrepreneurs to develop local business solutions that create opportunities for their communities. Leader Project will gather entrepreneurs, managers, company owners and young professionals who acts locally and thinks globally.

Adnan Turic graduated as an engineer of Information Technologies. More than 10 years he spent in IT sector, working as software developer, team lead and IT manager. As a part of that experience, he developed software for companies such as Intercontinental, Hilton, Amadeus, TLLincoln, Accor, Marriott, and many other hotel chains. He also spent 1 year in Cologne working as an external software consultant for one of the largest hotel reservation service providers. His work and responsibilities were significantly changed in the spring of 2015 when, with few partners, he founded “Kodecta d.o.o. Sarajevo”, an IT company which offers solutions on demand, and employs young, skilled and creative team. This team continues the challenge to deliver quality, transparent and customer oriented business concepts, by keeping employees happy and prosperous.

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