Restart held a meeting with UNDP representatives working on the Migration and Development Project in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We have discussed the possibilities of working together on the project and have considered that Restart may have an advisory role in it.

The Restart representatives provided some suggestions for the implementation of the project, such as concrete measures of incentives investments from the Diaspora in order to speed up the process of registering and establishing Diaspora companies in B&H.

Moreover, as a part of the policy, Restart suggested to UNDP to form a network of Diaspora organizations that will have the mission of carrying out parts of the Ministry’s policies and activities in the countries in which these organizations operate. In addition, it was pointed out that it should be conducted a research of all companies operating in the Diaspora that are initiated and owned by Bosnians. Finally, as one of the crucial results of the policy, we suggested to form a pool of organizations that are working on Diaspora’s projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina, that meet regularly in the coordination of UNDP and Ministry of Human Rights for Refugees, in order to provide specialised services according to the needs of companies and individuals from the Diaspora.

UNDP representatives have stated that they will accept our proposals on the project and that Restart may have an advisory role in it.

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