Scholarship recipient Adnan Turic and Restart Managing Director Salih Music, are currently participating in the LEADER Project 2016 in Skopje, Macedonia, a training about business skills for entrepreneurs and managers. It officially began on May 9 with an opening attended by media representatives, LEADER Project Instructors and participants, and Macedonia2025 Board members, and will end on May 20.

Project Leader 7

Restart & Macedonia 2025 have established a partnership to support young entrepreneurs and awarded Adnan Turic, founder of a successful IT startup, a scholarship for the 9th edition of the LEADER Project in Skopje.

Project Leader 3

The Ivey School of Business has been organizing the LEADER Project since 1991. This program is an MBA-styled, ten-day workshop that empowers entrepreneurs to develop local business solutions that create opportunities for their communities. The LEADER Project gather entrepreneurs, managers, company owners and young professionals who act locally and think globally. At the end of the business skills training, they will develop a business plan and present their business pitch to potential investors.

With over 200 alumni, an expanding reach and cooperation with other organizations from the region, the LEADER Project is the most influential business skills training ever to take place in Macedonia.

Companies and startups need to be more competitive and innovative. This boost in theoretical and practical education links an expanding group of people who will be equipped to work together in the local and regional business ecosystem. LEADER also includes an additional group of 44 participants, all of them who are current and future entrepreneurs and business leaders from various backgrounds.

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