In 2016, Restart was launched to help investors to register companies on their founders’ behalf; this registration process can be smooth if led by experienced professionals. During that year, many successful companies turned to Restart for local know-how, the latest tax law and employment updates, information on residence and work permits, as well as all other forms of business consulting services.

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“Here at Restart, we recognize that we have unbelievably talented, smart and creative people living all over the world. Currently, two million Bosnians reside in the diaspora. So when assessing the diaspora network potential, it becomes evident that should we tap just 10 per cent of the diaspora population, we will have access to 200,000 contacts. That is an enormous number of business connections that we can harness to instigate various business conversations. On the other hand, we have brilliant young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina, who are starting their own businesses and working internationally with major clients. We believe that these two groups need to talk and collaborate. That’s why in 2016 we created the Restart Project to foster networking opportunities and business interactions. We are very excited about the opportunities that this endeavor will create for the country as a whole.”

– Restart Team

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