Restart, a business embassy for diaspora and foreign investors from Bosnia-Herzegovina have signed a service sub-contract as part of USAID Harnessing BiH Diaspora for Economic Development Activity – “Diaspora Invest”.

The project will create new job opportunities across a range of sectors through increased diaspora investment, with an emphasis on providing capital to viable, but underfunded, small and medium-size firms and startups.

The project has three key components: 1) leveraging diaspora input, into the development of an institutional policy framework for diaspora investment; 2) expanding diaspora direct investment by providing technical assistance and grants to eligible, early-stage SMEs and start-ups; and 3) developing a sustainable local platform to provide business services and investment facilitation to potential diaspora 

Over the next 5 years, Restart will provide support to USAID Harnessing BiH Diaspora for Economic Development Activity – with the implementation of various components of this project, with an emphasis on designing and implementing technical services related to establishing a diaspora online business network and conducting diaspora outreach, networking and business to business activities.

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