ALUKÖNIGSTAHL is a successful company operating across Europe, in our 4th generation as a family-owned organization. For generations, both employees and customers remain loyal to the business. This reiterates their understanding of a mutual partnership: personal, service-oriented, loyal and stable. In addition to their sales team, their technical assistance and specialist departments are available for immediate assistance for any questions about their technology, equipment and/or software. Their comprehensive and unique service is recognized industry-wide.

ALUKÖNIGSTAHL is a provider of the highest-quality of aluminium, steel and PVC systems, as well as components for the realization of contemporary, energy-efficient architecture, supporting sustainable building concepts. The distribution of renowned brands assures quality, top-of-the-range products that are continuously optimized and carefully adapted to adhere to current architectural trends and building standards.

For nearly 60 years, they’ve had an alliance with two internationally leading system manufacturers: Schüco, the world market leader in aluminium systems and experts in PVC systems; and, Jansen, specialists in steel profile systems. This collaboration, alongside their innovative product developments, have led ALUKÖNIGSTAHL to be a technology and market leader.

ALUKÖNIGSTAHL is pleased to provide their partners with comprehensive service competency during all stages of a construction project.

This allows us to provide proven and intensive consultancy in the local and CEE markets, jointly tailoring specific solutions that are future-oriented and highly advanced in the field of technology.

The close collaboration in areas of production technology, employee training, software supply and processing directives ensures that project plans are implemented rationally, efficiently and with quality.

Currently, ALUKÖNIGSTAHL is, with the construction of independent subsidiaries in all supervised markets, the leading specialist in this industry in Austria and both Eastern and South-eastern Europe.

This equips them with a proven, intensive consultation and care for our partners on-site in all supervised markets, as well as the ability to work on innovative solutions, together.

ALUKÖNIGSTAHL will be part of the Restart Networking event on August 10th, at Hotel Bosnia. For more information, please visit the following link.
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