“Throughout history, ambassadors have always been symbolic incarnations of the sovereignty of their nations and the dignity of their leaders.”

Camille Paglia

Restart Ambassadors

Restart ambassadors are prominent Bosnians around the world, chosen by Restart in order to present the project in the country where they currently live and promote Restart in their area of expertise.

They are thus recognized as leaders in their communities and provide essential support to Restart in fulfilling its mission. While gaining valuable networks and experience, Restart Ambassadors provide us with valuable insight to help us meet our objective of providing solutions to the most urgent needs and problems in the Bosnian community, as well as help us create impactful projects which contribute to the development of BiH.


Hari Turcinhodzic – Sweden

Hari Turcinhodzic originally from Banja Luka, moved to Gothenburg, Sweden in 1993, at the age of 18.

After learning Swedish and finishing high school, he focused his studies on Strategy and Management of Human Resources.

Since his arrival in Sweden, he was in touch with Bosnian Associations and contributed voluntarily to promote Bosnian culture and tradition through Bosnian and Herzegovinian radio stations.

For the first ten years, Hari worked professionally for the Metalworkers’ Union of Western Sweden and simultaneously participated in the political life of the city.
The last eight years he has been Executive Director of Utvecklingshuset, a company provides outsourcing services, consulting, rehabilitation and coaching nationally in the field of human resources adapted and tailored to the needs of enterprises in the private and public sectors and currently employs 15 people.


Nikola Zigic – USA

Nick moved from Sarajevo to LA in November of 1991. A graduate of the College of Civil Engineering and a past employee of construction giant Energoinvest, work in the US was scarce and acquiring the PE in the States was a lengthy and pricey challenge, so in order to support the family Nick decided to switch careers.

Today, Zigic Real Estate is a full service boutique real estate brokerage with offices in West Hollywood, Monrovia, Vienna and Sarajevo. The brokerage mostly caters to BiH and Austrian diaspora and their real estate needs both in California and their home countries.

As an active member of the California and the US National Association of REALTORS (NAR), and a past president of the Los Angeles County Boards or Real Estate (www.LACBOR.org) with over 55,000 agents in the county, Nick serves as the NAR’s President’s Liaison to Austria. In 2010, Funded by USAID he took on the challenge the International Real Property Foundation (IRPF) tasked him with and became the President of the Bosnian Real Estate Association (www.UPNBiH.org), and together with the other members is currently working on the draft and lobbying of the first Real Estate Practice and Licensing Law in BiH. Protecting homeownership rights, consumer confidence, agent ethics, education, and licensing are of the most importance to The Association. For his dedication to this project Nick received the 2013 Honorable Mention Award from Volunteers for Economic Growth Alliance (VEGA, Diaspora Award Honorable Mention: Nick Zigic | VEGA – Volunteers for Economic Growth Alliance).

Deeply in love with the natural beauties of BiH, before coming to the States Nick has owned a tour operating business and has created extraordinary tours throughout BiH that have been wholesaled to agencies across the country. Nick believes that tourism should be the most important, and the single most economically viable industry in BiH, and his goal in the next few years is to restart his travel business and contribute to a one-of-a-kind consumer experience of BiH through strategic partnerships with first-class service providers across the country, and the unique and exclusive programs only he can envision.

Cherishing the cultural heritage of his hometown, since 1999 Nick runs an internet radio station called SarajevoLink, easily accessible through TuneIn or www.sarajevolink.com, which features ex-Yu music between the last two wars, and a verbal dictionary of Sarajevian dialect-specific vocabulary, he named Sarajcice”

Faris Becirovic – Germany

Faris Becirovic was born in Sarajevo and moved to Germany in 1984 at age of 9 years old.  Representing his family’s 3rd generation in Germany, he and his family always revealed as strong relation to their home country, especially their hometown – the city of Sarajevo. Presently he lives and works in Munich.

After graduating high school, Faris decided to engage voluntarily supporting Bosnian refugees who decided to return to their home country in order to reestablish their normal life and business they have lost due to the civil war in the 90ties. He joined the ICMPD – International Center for Migration Policy Development organization and assisted several parliamentarians and members of the German and Bavarian Parliament in this EU sponsored program.

Faris studied Business Administration focusing on Human Resources and Change Management. This is why he has been working for Randstad since 2004, a global player in staffing and HR solutions business. Representing Randstad in Germany, Faris is in charge of Randstad’s most important German industrial accounts. These accounts, such as Thyssenkrupp or Siemens have high potential and strategic value to his employer in Germany and worldwide. Faris is supporting them in finding and implementing innovative HR solutions, such as CMV (Corporate Master Vendor), MSP (Managed Service Provider) or RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing).