Adnan has 6 years of experience in manufacturing companies in BiH, with a special focus on the food processing industry, and post-acquisition integration and operational management. He received his bachelor’s from University of Sarajevo (thesis: “The Role of Supervisory Boards in Corporate Governance”), and MBA from Griffith College Dublin and University of Sarajevo (dissertation: “The Impact of Financial Indicators on Strategic Decision Making in Food Processing Companies in B&H: The Case of Klas d.d. and Sprind d.d.”). Adnan is native in Bosnian and German, and fluent in English.



Born in Sarajevo, Damir Causevic received a B.S. in management from Griffith College Dublin and MBA from Texas A&M University, and is a PhD candidate at the University of Sarajevo. He previously managed the reserves of a local bank, overseeing investments in securities, foreign exchange and cash instruments, and provided financial and management consulting services to several domestic and international clients. With four years of corporate experience, Damir is focused on investment facilitation and supporting investors in overcoming the obstacles in the BiH legal and regulatory framework.


InterCamp | Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Afan completed his studies in Management at the School of Economics and Business inm Sarajevo. He holds a Master degree in Business Administration from Regent’s University – Webster University in London, UK. He is currently enrolled in a PhD Programme in Economics at the University of Buckingham – University of North Carolina (Charlotte) in Sarajevo. He is fluent in English and German.

He gained his first experience during an internship with Unicredit Bank. He was subsequently hired by InterCamp d.o.o. / GastroMerak in 2009 as Junior Associate for Commercial and Logistics Operations in Sarajevo. In 2011, Afan was promoted to Commercial Director.

InterCamp, founded in Sarajevo in 2002, deals with the distribution of dairy and meat products. It is the exclusive importer and distributor of BiH goods from the program FrieslandCmpina, DMK, belt, Bauer, Alpenhain, Omir. Since 2005, InterCamp has been developing its GastroMerak brand. The company also expanded to include the production of berries in 2014. Intercamp’s main goal is to continue expanding its production and to develop products with a greater value-add.


Foundation Cultural Heritage without Borders | Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Aida Vezic is the Deputy Head of the BiH Office of the Foundation Cultural Heritage without Borders office in Sarajevo (Feb 2012) and Secretary General of the Balkan Museum Network (Sep 2013). She completed her undergraduate and graduate studies at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Sarajevo in “Cultural Projects for Development.” She completed the Policy Development Fellowship Programme at the Open Society Institute, and was a cultural educator for the Kultur Kontakt Austria residency programme. She has
been working on developing different civil society organisations since May 1998.

The Foundation Cultural Heritage without Borders (CHwB) was founded in 1995 as an independent, Swedish non-governmental organisation to work in the spirit of the 1954 Hague Conventions for the protection of cultural property in the event of armed conflicts, natural catastrophes, neglect, poverty or political and social conflicts.

Since January 2016, CHwB is composed of four independent foundations in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Sweden. CHwB Bosnia and Herzegovina works on inclusive conservation, civic engagement, interpretation and education, and cross-border professional learning and exchange, while also facilitating the work of the Balkan Museum Network.


Deloitte Consulting LLP | Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ajla Mostarac has 18+ years of professional experience in management, business development, and strategic communications in international development institutions and non-profit organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, FYR Macedonia, and Bangladesh. She focuses on the design and management of multidisciplinary projects, management of integrated marketing communications, strategy development, interest representation, market research, and fundraising. Ajla completed her MBA from the IEDC Bled School of Management in 2007.


Embassy of Switzerland in Bosnia and Herzegovina | Sarajevo, BiH

Born in Sarajevo in 1970, Almir is the Coordinator for Economic Development at the Embassy of Sweden in Sarajevo since 2012. He previously worked in similar positions in various international organizations and embassies, including ten years of employment with the Embassy of Canada in BiH, and five years for various UN agencies.

He completed his undergraduate studies in Economics and Development at the University of London, UK, and Executive MBA at Cotrugli Business School. Almir is fluent in English, and conversational in French.


Alsatechnic d.o.o. | Gradacac , Bosnia and Herzegovina

Alen was born in Gradacac in 1992, where he finished elementary and high school. At the age of 18, he started working for a manufacturing company, RATTAN SEDIA, where he gained knowledge and experience, before being hired by SAS TECHNIC, where he continues to grow and acquire knowledge. At the age of 23, he established his own company- Alsatechnic, which performs services in metal processing. Alen speaks German and English.

Alsatechnic specializes in the processing of cutting metal and other materials, like scrape (mill), drilling, milling. Their offer includes the development of individual products, prototypes and serial production of high-quality processed products at competitive prices. Alsatechnic, as a line in its operations, aims to meet the highest quality standards. They approach every stage of production with great responsibility, resulting in robust sales in Western Europe (90% of their production is for customers from Germany, Austria and Italy). Their services include the complete production of more or less complex products, as well as individual stages of metal processing according to customer needs.
For more information, visit


SpareBank 1 Gruppen AS | Oslo, Norway

She was born in year 1983 in Visegrad, and was brought up in Sweden. At Linköping University she received her master degree of science in Industrial Engineering and Management – International with specialization in finance, biotechnology and Spanish language. Currently Alija is living in Oslo and working with compliance and risk management atSpareBank 1 Gruppen AS at group level.


Stecak | Oslo, Norway

Originally from Sanski Most, Indira is a psychologist by profession. She lives and works in Oslo, Norway, and she is a member of the youth organization of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Norway “ Stecak”.

Stecak is aimed at better understanding of the relationship between young Bosnians in Norway, regardless of their national, religious and other affiliations. The goal of the association is to bring together the potential and resources of young people, in order to avoid alienation and loss of their origin, as well as losing contact with Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Software Developer | Authority Partners Inc. | Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sales Manager EMEA | Authority Partners Inc. | Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Systems Engineer | Authority Partners Inc. | Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Authority Partners (AP) is a global IT services company. Their mission is to help clients create technology solutions that make them more agile, more productive, and overall more successful. The main services AP offers are: Software Development and Architecture, Quality Assurance, User Experience and Design, Information Security, and IT Recruiting.

Most of their projects are large-scale distributed business applications with all of the associated performance, scalability, and reliability requirements. However, no project is too small for them if it presents enough of a technical challenge. Headquartered in Irvine, California, AP has close to 100 IT consultants in the U.S. and growing. Their largest development center is in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Given its ideal timezone, its overlapping business hours with all three of AP’s main markets, European development center grew to more than 200 consultants since its opening 11 years ago. Their facilities and processes have been audited and visited multiple times by our large U.S- and EU-based clients. The firm is ISO Quality Management and Information Security Management certified. All of our client engagement, and operational and engineering processes are carefully designed and well-documented.


SPARK Business Park | Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Andrea Cordas received a B.S. degree in Management from Rochester Institute of Technology, Croatia, and her M.A. in International Relations and European Studies from Central European University, Hungary. She continued her academic development as a teaching assistant for two courses (International Economic Relations and Political Economy) at the University of Mostar. During her studies, she developed and acquired different skills and knowledge, especially during her internships in the USA and Germany, which enabled her to accomplish many professional goals. She began her professional career as Secretary General of Chamber of Commerce City of Mostar, and later became Project Manager and Director of International Affairs. In 2015, she accepted the role of Managing Director at the SPARK Business Park in Mostar.

SPARK is a business complex in Mostar, promoting new technologies to encourage the development of an IT community. They offer space with all needed equipment for the successful development of members’ ideas, and also provide business advisory services, a cafe to socialize with colleagues, and organized activities, educational events, and chances for cooperation. Their services are divided into four segments: SPARK school, SPARK lab, SPARK startup and SPARK business, to support the ambitions of members throughout all stages of their careers, including: knowledge and skill advancement, turning an idea into a real product, and assistance in human resources, marketing and business counselling.


“Igraj Uči Rasti” | Tešanj, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Armin Maglic is a social entrepreneur, youth worker, project manager, and freelancer with 6 years of experience in the fields of strategic, organizational, and project management. He co-founded Play Teach Grow (“Igraj Uči Rasti”), an innovative start-up offering educational tools to build key skills for children of pre- and school-age, while emphasizing that children have fun.

He works with the Youth Organization (Executive Director), Youth Bank Tesanj (Board), Tesanj Municipality (project manager), and Rastok Fest (project manager), and Center for Youth Career Development (project assistant).


Co-founder, CEO and Mechanical engineer | ARGERR | Sarajevo, B&H

Co-founder and Mechanical engineer at ARGERR | Sarajevo, B&H

ARGERR offers development, 3D-modeling, prototyping, product design, drawings, CFD and FEA analysis, tooling design and reverse engineering to various manufacturing, development and automotive companies who are looking for quality outsourcers. The company also aims to be the first research & development company in Bosnia & Herzegovina, which will introduce to the market its own creative products, from idea to production.


BBI | Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Asim Halilbasic was born in Sarajevo in 1985. He graduated from the Faculty of Management at the University of Sarajevo. He is currently completing his final year for two graduate degrees- one in Islamic Banking and Finance at the University of Bolton in the UK and the Faculty of Economics of the University of Sarajevo, and the other in Management Studies at the Faculty of Management in Sarajevo. Asim has been employed at Bosna Bank International (BBI) in Sarajevo since 2013, and currenty serves as the Assistant for VIP clients and non-residents.

BBI was established in 2000 as the first bank in Europe operating on the principles of Islamic banking. Its share capital at 47.52 million BAM is the largest paid-in capital of all banks in Bosnia and Herzegovina. With this capital, BBI is able to support the reconstruction and development of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The BBI founders-shareholders came from the prosperous Gulf and are among the world’s strongest financial institutions, in which their funds of over $22 billion are behind all of its business activities.


Kolektiv Ltd. ( | Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Benjamin is the developer, fundraiser and implementer of several projects, including: YEP project; Regional Virtual regional job fair;, the first BH salary survey site; and

His various experiences in business development, recruitment, sales and marketing, led him to build an impressive business network. Building off his success in the Balkans as well as his partnership with major job boards around the world, Benjamin is now running RPO and recruitment projects in more than 30 European and Gulf countries, with access to more than 135 job boards and over 50 million CVs worldwide. This ensures that clients receive the best talent pool of candidates for current, ongoing and upcoming projects in Europe or the Gulf.

Benjamin is a champion in identifying and attracting large and small multinational companies in search of a simple, efficient, and reliable support system to expand their employee base. He insures that the expanding employment operation is viable and scalable through the development and execution of strategic plans for new businesses, and is in line with labor market trends.

Kolektiv Ltd. is an innovator and leader at a regional level, providing high-quality services in job creation, employment, entrepreneurship and skills development.


Advantis Broker a.d. Banjaluka | Banjaluka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Branko has been actively involved in BiH’s capital market since 2002, first as CEO broker of the Zepter Company and, since 2007, as CEO of Advantis Broker in Banja Luka.

Branko is the co-founder and Board Member of the Association of Business Organisations in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Advantis Broker Inc Banja Luka is the leader in the BiH capital market, focusing on brokerage, business agent emissions (the first IPO in BiH, the leader in municipal bonds emissions), as well as business consulting. For the fifth year, Advantis broker is a partner of the International Finance Corporation (IFC).


Klika d.o.o. | Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

With 10 years of experience in IT, Edin has worked in various fields including: Business Development, Product Development, Project Management, Product Management, Software Development, Branding and Graphic Design, Web Design, and UI/UX Design. In 2013, Edin left his job to start his own company with his partners. What began as a small company of 4 people transformed into the fastest-growing company in the city within 2 years. Today, their company employs 40 young and talented software engineers and designers. They focus on building amazing mobile applications for clients across the world in Internet of Things area and for Connected Devices. They are the largest and most experienced mobile development team in Sarajevo. is a software development company located in Sarajevo. Offering outstanding outsourcing and consulting services (big data, cloud based solutions, enterprise solutions, mobile development, UI/UX, branding and web design). has years of experience in the IT industry, working with large, international clients in Europe and the U.S. They are a fully functional agile and scrum-driven team capable of almost any type of project, and can grow their team according to their client needs, turning vision into a working product.


FinConf | Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Edina Musmulja holds a bachelor’s in Management from the Faculty of Economics, University of Sarajevo. Since March 2015, she has served as Conference Coordinator with FinConf.

FinConf ( is a private event agency and premier regional conference platform dedicated to innovation in financial services. It provides a forum for the open and forward-oriented discussion of European financial issues and financial markets. They investigate market challenges and top issues to render the most effective learning and networking platforms, creating impactful and pragmatic B2B conferences.


APU Network | Bromma, Sweden

Originally from Sarajevo, Emina Pasic has been living in Sweden since 1993. She holds a M.Sc. of Energy Technologies from Sarajevo University, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and has also studied Energy Technologies at The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) Stockholm.

Emina has more than 17 years of experience in Energy, Environmental, Climate and Sustainability issues and as held several positions within the field, including: Energy Manager at the HSB- Swedish Tenant Owner Cooperative Housing Association; Property Development Manager at Familjebostäder Stockholm; and Project leader /consultant at Grontmij Engineering Consultancy Sweden.

Today, Emina works at the Swedish Energy Agency as Senior Adviser on strategy issues for International European and Nordic Region Collaboration. Emina has been an active member of APU Network since 2010 and a member of the board since 2016. Emina is a Swedish delegate in IEA TCP Heat Pumping Technologies and Member of the Committee of Tenant Owner Association.

APU Network is a non-profit organization with 600+ members, mainly in Sweden, with a goal of strengthening Bosnia and Herzegovina’s diaspora in Sweden, further developing Sweden and Bosnia and Herzegovina’s rapport, and promoting a positive image of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Sweden.


HUB387 / Nest71 Startup Incubator | Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Emir has spent the last 17 years in IT, from early startups to Fortune 500 companies. While he started as a developer working on telecommunication protocols, device drivers and Internet voice services, he has evolved into more technical leadership and managerial roles. His passion is the creation of new products and services from ground up and bringing them to market.

He is the Director of Business Development at HUB387 / Nest71 Startup Incubator program, whose goal is to spark the Sarajevo startup community. Emir holds MS degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois.


HUB387 | Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Zana has spent the last 10 years working on digital strategies for clients like Red Bull Disney, Opel, Unicredit Bank, the Atlantic Group. From 2015 she is part of a dynamic team at HUB387 as the General Manager where she is still largely devoted to digital marketing.

She lives in Sarajevo and is graduate from political sciences in the field of international relations.


EMIRA AZGANOVIC | Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

After she spent four years serving in the capacity of the Marketing Director of a prominent lifestyle magazine, Emira started her own business, focusing on marketing, promotion and publishing. At the outset, she initiated web portal and shortly thereafter, she launched a printed edition of the magazine under the same title. The company provides services of promotion for multitude of clients including local and international businesses, foreign embassies and tourism organisations.

Both the web portal and magazine focus on promotion of local tourism and natural potential, affirmation of business success stories and presentation of distinguished individuals and communities. The purpose of the magazine is to present and promote Bosnia and Herzegovina and positively portray economic and tourism potential of the country. For that reason, the magazine is printed in Bosnian and English language.

Shortly after it was officially launched, the magazine became media partner of a major cultural event: the Sarajevo Film Festival and the most influential business event in the region: Sarajevo Business Forum. The magazine is completely sustainable and is funded solely from the proceeds from advertising services and sponsorship arrangements with foreign embassies and international organisations.


Mak Dizdar Foundation | Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Gorcin Dizdar is the President of the Mak Dizdar Foundation, an organization devoted to the promotion and protection of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s cultural heritage. He graduated at the University of Oxford and completed his MA and PhD at York University, Toronto. His dissertation focused on the symbolism of the *stećak*, the standing stones of medieval Bosnia, which have recently received the status of UNESCO World Heritage.

The Mak Dizdar Foundation is named after Mak Dizdar, one of the greatest poets of Bosnia and Herzegovina and a true symbol of its culture.Their primary mission is the protection and promotion of Mak Dizdar’s poetic and scholarly work, with a particular emphasis on his idea of a shared Bosnian identity that transcends its contemporary religious and ethnic divisions. Based on this idea, they aim to contribute to the preservation and promotion of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s cultural heritage.


SECO Entrepreneurship Program | Belgrade, Serbia

Jakob Modéer has 23+ years of experience in private sector development, working in enhancing entrepreneurship and competitiveness, supporting start-up to scale-up business development, enabling business environments, export and trade facilitation, access to finance, supporting accelerators and business incubators as well as Diaspora-driven enterprise internationalisation. Jakob is an economist and holds a degree in international affairs.

He has 10 years of successful management and supervision of complex technical assistance projects in the Balkans, leading and managing multicultural and multidisciplinary project teams in challenging environments, supervising delivery of high-quality outputs of various specialists, and meeting the full expectations of clients and beneficiaries. He gained valuable experience in the design and delivery of direct consulting and training services to SMEs (from Start-ups to high growth companies) across various sectors and industries.

The SECO Entrepreneurship Program (SECO EP) aims to create a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem in order to increase business creation, survival, growth and as ultimate result to create jobs. It is funded by the Government of Switzerland, and implemented by Swisscontact in six countries, including Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Networks | Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Jasenko was born in Sarajevo, where he graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Sarajevo. As a student, he decided to engage professionally in politics, leading to a 15-year career in which he worked in almost all structures of government, from municipal to state. He completed a mandate as representative in Parliament, while also serving as personal adviser to the Minster of Foreign Affairs for several years. He has been working in the private sector over the last few years, and he is currently a
project coordinator in the company Networks.

Networks is an entrepreneurial and educational center with more than 1300 m2 of modern interactive space, within which there is a large modern coworking space, educational and business center, relaxation and yoga rooms, fun and play zone, and one of the best equipped 3D print laboratories in region. Over the past six months, Networks has organized 30 intensive training programs and 50 thematic meetings and gatherings attended by 3,000 direct and 7,000 indirect beneficiaries. As part of their co-working space, they have 62 clients from 20 companies. Services of rental space and event management have been used by more than 40 governmental, non-governmental, private and international organizations, embassies and companies.


Urban Association | Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Jasminko Halilovic is founder and president of URBAN Association and War Childhood Museum. He is the author and editor of several books, including ‘Sarajevo – My City, a Place to Meet’ and ‘War Childhood’. Jasminko holds a master degree in financial management, and is a member of the WARM Foundation as well as the Global Shapers Community established by the World Economic Forum. He is co-founder of several companies, and a great fan of football and travelling.

Founded in 2007, Urban Association is one of leading cultural NGOs in Bosnia and Herzegovina with over 30 young professionals.


SWOTTED | Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Since 2005, Masa has been involved in real estate projects throughout different segments. She started her career in spacial & architectural development planning and implementation, and progressed to architect and project manager in Kabul and Dubai. Her career path led her to finance, where she has successfully combined her engineering and financial knowledge. She was involved in master planning and hospitality greenfield projects, including development of Marriott Hotels. She completed her graduate studies in architecture at the Facility of Architecture, University of Sarajevo, and is a master’s candidate at the University of Sarajevo, The School of Economics and Business Sarajevo, Master Program– Applied Finance in Real Estate.

Swotted – Management (Investment) Strategy Consulting – SWOTTED is boutique consulting company providing a full range of management consulting services. Headquartered in Sarajevo, their goal is to manage profitability and not just profit. They support clients with their core business or a particular project.

Integrated Development Solutions – Spacial Planning & Real Estate Industry-specific company offering urban development strategies integrating financial modeling, spatial planning, architectural inputs and green infrastructure.


Luna Ltd. | Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mair Oruc is the Director and Founder of Luna d.o.o. Sarajevo.

Luna d.o.o. Sarajevo, Partner of TBWA Worldwide, was established in Sarajevo in 2002 and serves as a full service agency for numerous clients. Luna’s Team consists of professionals who are experts in their fields with many years of experience in the advertising industry. Luna d.o.o. is a member of the regional TBWA Adriatic Network with over 100 top profile employees. As a result, the Sarajevo Office is capable of conducting projects of any size and complexity. Nevertheless, TBWA Adriatic is a member of Global TBWA network, with more than 250 offices across the world, providing marketing services for clients such as Pepsi Co., Adidas, Nissan, Sony Playstation and others.

For the past 14 years, the company has developed communication programs, strategies, tactics, tools, and monitoring and evaluation mechanisms, and has communicated with media, governmental and non-governmental organizations as well as sponsors and medical institutions.The firm creates and implements PR strategies, and fully organizes public campaigns, promotions, events and conferences for its main target groups, which includes the business community, and governmental and nongovernmental sectors.


ProCredit Bank | Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Maja Mehmedovic is an Executive Director at ProCredit Bank, a development-oriented commercial bank which offers excellent customer service to small and medium enterprises and to private individuals. ProCredit Bank adheres to a number of core principles: value transparency in communication with customers; they do not promote consumer lending; they strive to minimize their ecological footprint; and they provide services which are based both on an understanding of each client’s situation and on a sound financial analysis.

Their focus is on small and medium-sized enterprises, as ProCredit Bank is convinced that these businesses create jobs and make a vital contribution to the economies in which they operate. By offering simple and accessible deposit facilities and investing substantial resources in financial education, ProCredit Bank aims to promote a culture of savings and financial responsibility. Their shareholders expect a sustainable return on investment over the long term, rather than being focused on short-term profit maximisation.

ProCredit Bank invests extensively in the training and development of their staff in order to create an open and efficient working atmosphere, and to provide friendly and competent customer service for their clients.


COX 4 ltd. | Mostar City Software | Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Marin Jozic began his career with Alfa Therm Ltd. Mostar in 2008 as a software developer and system administrator. He later progressed to Head of the IT Support Department, where he was also responsible for sales, purchasing, marketing and finance from the perspective of an internal consultant for ICT development of the company.

He moved on to work as an internal consultant and project manager for the ITC sector with INTERA Technology Park. His job was divided into trainings management for youth and local ICT companies, and consultancies for business development, entrepreneurship, export of software products and services, and cooperation with the local academic and research and development industries.

Combining his business and technical skills and experience, he founded his own company in 2014- COX 4 ltd, breaking into the market, and expanding to 10 employees within the first year. COX 4 contributes to the development of the local community by training young people and showing great potential for the future.

In addition, Mr. Jozic serves as President and Board Member of the Mostar Software City cluster, an association of local companies in the ICT sector, created to improve the overall systematic approach to the sector’s local ecosystem.


SPARK Business Park | Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Marko Zeljko is Startup Manager & Business Developer at SPARK Business Park, a privately-funded startup accelerator located in Mostar, BiH. He graduated from the Faculty of Organization and Informatics in Varaždin. He gained 15 years of experience in developing software solutions, 10 years with the UPIT association, and 5 years running companies. The Information Technology Fair in Mostar has been held for the past six years under his management, as well as many conferences with diverse topics within the ICT world. He is the founder of two startups – Taggium and SocialSpot.

SPARK is a business complex in Mostar, promoting new technologies to encourage the development of an IT community. They offer space with all needed equipment for the successful development of members’ ideas, and also provide business advisory services, a cafe to socialize with colleagues, and organized activities, educational events, and chances for cooperation. Their services are divided into four segments: SPARK school, SPARK lab, SPARK startup and SPARK business, to support the ambitions of members throughout all stages of their careers, including: knowledge and skill advancement, turning an idea into a real product, and assistance in human resources, marketing and business counselling.


Kolektiv d.o.o ( | Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mersiha Mehic is the Chief Operating Officer at Kolektiv Ltd. She is an entrepreneur and HR professional, specializing in Staffing and Recruiting, with an in-depth knowledge of and experience in full life-cycle strategic recruitment, training, employment, marketing, customer services, sales and consulting experience, social media and marketing.

Mersiha has 14+ years of experience, including 7 years of demonstrated success recruiting for Fortune 500 corporations and international/ regional leading companies in Broadcasting, Computer Software, Network and Other Communications Equipment, Pharmaceuticals, Engineering, Construction, and the Tobacco and Beverages industries.

Kolektiv Ltd. is an innovator and leader at a regional level, providing high-quality services in job creation, employment, entrepreneurship and skills development. It provides labour market intelligence, expertise, and project management services to international donors and development organizations helping them leave a positive impact on labour market growth.


SECO Entrepreneurship Program | Belgrade, Serbia

Milos Lazovic is an Ecosystem Facilitator for the SECO Entrepreneurship Program. He has been active in the field of project development and implementation in entrepreneurship and higher education in the Balkans for the last 5 years. Milos holds a BA degree in Politics.

The SECO Entrepreneurship Program (SECO EP) aims to create a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem in order to increase business creation, survival, growth and as ultimate result to create jobs. It is funded by the Government of Switzerland, and implemented by Swisscontact in six countries, including Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This program applies a systematic approach to strengthen the capacity of startup accelerators as well as other actors in the ecosystem who are essential in the promotion of entrepreneurship. Other activities of the program include: mentoring, angel investments, media support, the inclusion of diaspora, peer training and experience exchange, and the increased participation of women.


Cimos TMD Ai Gradačac | Gradacac, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Through his studies, Mirza gained competence in the energy industry working in the fields of turbomachinery, manufacturing, transportation systems, diagnostics, boilers, refrigeration systems, pumps, heat compressors, ventilation, and air conditioning system. Working with TMD MIBO Brcko, he gained knowledge in technology, construction tools, machine programming, calculations for new offers, while also gaining exposure to various softwares.

He currently works as a mechanical engineer in Cimos TMD Ai Gradacac, where he supervises: development of technology (orbital riveting-CNC and NC machines, measurement and control, installation), programming, commissioning, construction installation tools, monitoring and development of new products, structural parts for machines (Poka-Yoka systems), the calculation of new offers, FMEA, PPAP, ODT, improvement of the assembly process, and more.

Due to the high number of unemployed, he spends his free time helping individuals and companies realize new business opportunities, whether it is supporting the creation of new companies or helping spread the business and expanding its client base. In addition, he is currently working with professional staff in the field of hydraulics and pneumatics, material processing, transport and logistics.


Alsatechnic Ltd | Gradacac, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Muhamed graduated in 2012 with a focus on mechatronics. He acquired significant experience working in Helios-dd, in the structural bureau, mainly on the construction and programming of fireplaces. After Helios, he began working in the automotive industry as a technologist in Cimos TMD Ai Gradacac, where he works with world-famous companies, including BorgWarner, BoschMahle and HoneywellGarret. He is fluent in German and English.

Alsatechnic specializes in the processing of cutting metal and other materials, like scrape (mill), drilling, milling. Their offer includes the development of individual products, prototypes and serial production of high-quality processed products at competitive prices. Alsatechnic, as a line in its operations, aims to meet the highest quality standards. They approach every stage of production with great responsibility, resulting in robust sales in Western Europe (90% of their production is for customers from Germany, Austria and Italy). Their services include the complete production of more or less complex products, as well as individual stages of metal processing according to customer needs. For more information, visit


European Union | Brussels, Belgium

Nadja Skaljic is a political adviser to the British delegation to the European Parliament in Brussels, where she works on creating Britain’s policy in the field of European security and defense, including the legal dimension of the new EU Global Strategy. Skaljic completed her undergraduate dregree at the Faculty of Law in Sarajevo, a master’s degree in International Law at Oxford University, and MA in International Relations at Tufts University’s Fletcher School and Harvard University. She is a co-author of “Ethics and International Relations” with Harvard professor Michael Ignatieff.


Media Level d.o.o. | Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Nina Borovac is 37 years old and has 17 years of professional experience in the advertising sector. After working for various agencies throughout her career, she is now Director and CEO at Media Level. Nina is responsible for strategic and tactical planning, negotiations with the media, and the entire operations regarding media and client relations. Nina’s knowledge and experience gained in previous roles, she contributes daily daily to understanding and resolving the challenges of communications for the very demanding and specific market in BiH.


International University of Sarajevo | Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Born in Sarajevo, Nerkez Opacin grew up in Germany, Croatia and Montenegro. He received a bachelor’s degree in International Relations (International University of Sarajevo) and masters in Peace and Security Studies (Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy at the University of Hamburg).

Since 2013, he has worked as a Senior Assistant/Lecturer and Summer School Coordinator at the International University of Sarajevo (Learning from the Past – IUS Summer Schools). Through his summer schools, Nerkez wants to connect young BiH diaspora with youth living in BiH- educating the youth about transitional justice, reconciliation and dealing with the past in post-war societies. He has extensive experience in managing projects related to education.

Nerkez’s current areas of interest are: education, project management, peace building, transitional justice, dealing with the past, reconciliation, and real estate. Nerkez is also a committee member of the Network for Building Peace and an alumnus of DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) and the Auschwitz Institute for Peace and Reconciliation. Since September 2015, he has also coordinated study trips for the Long Island University Global Collage, USA. For information on the summer programs please visit:


Kolektiv Ltd. ( | Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Nermana is a Project Manager with 10 years of experience in managing development projects in BiH. As Head of Project Department with Kolektiv, she is responsible for business development, team management, client relations, financial planning and supervision. She is also responsible for strategic and operational planning, monitoring and evaluation as well as the execution and management of day-to-day operations.

Through years of experience working with employers, jobseekers, entrepreneurs, as well as the private and public employment sector, she acquired in-depth knowledge of the labour market and expertise in the fields of job creation, skills development and entrepreneurship. She consulted for numerous assignments related to the development of partnerships between public and private employment services. She also provides training and mentorship for start-ups and SME’s on business development and various other fields.

Kolektiv Ltd. is an innovator and leader at a regional level, providing high-quality services in job creation, employment, entrepreneurship and skills development. It provides labour market intelligence, expertise, and project management services to international donors and development organizations helping them leave a positive impact on labour market growth.


Toronto, Canada

Born in Toronto, where she also resides, Nura Eston is a marketing consultant sharing her wide range of skills and experiences, from working with multinational corporations to volunteering for small community endeavours, including the annual BiH Diasporic Conference. Her community interests are focused on bringing together members of the Bosnian-Herzegovinian diaspora so that together they may learn from one another, encourrage each other’s initiatives and grow the community to be not only one that values success, but also one that continues to embrace and preserve its cultural roots.


GOPA Consultants (YEP) | Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ranko Markus, PhD, is the director of the German consulting company GOPA Consultants GmbH and Swiss manager of the Youth Employment Project (YEP) sin 2008. He is currently engaged in the establishment of an investment fund which will support several dozen start ups launched by young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He is very interested in establishing a program to grow investment funds, to invest in entrepreneurship, or to invest in existing companies be it through mentorship or access to new markets.

GOPA Consultants is a leading German consulting firm and one of the strongest consulting groups in Europe. Since its founding in 1965, it has implemented over 3,450 projects in more than 130 countries. One of the most important projects in the company’s portfolio is the Youth Employment Project (YEP), supported by the Government of Switzerland.Through this project, comprehensive reform of public employment services, and support of self employment of young people has strengthened. Since 2009, the project has employed over 4,500 young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2009.



Sabina Bisic was born in Bosanska Gradiska, and grew up in Lucerne, Switzerland. In elementary school, she became interested in art and all its forms. At the age of 21, she completed dental education and was employed with the prestigious University of Zurich. After 10 years of dental experience in various laboratories in Switzerland, she moved to New York in early 2014, and established Swissdent Laboratory, a high-quality dental laboratory. Two years later—inspired by a variety of trips, the city in which she lives, and the New Yorkers who turn their dreams into reality—founded the INTUITIVA fashion start-up with her husband Tahir.

INTUITIVA is a fashion start-up of entrepreneurs born in Bosnia and Herzegovina initiated with the aim of providing a creative and global business experience for young people in BiH. It focuses on utilizing BiH’s natural resources and hardworking labor force to improve the overall condition of the Bosnian fashion industry. INTUITIVA is based out of New York City and is focused on the U.S. market, while all production will take place in BiH. Their first collection of footwear is currently under development and will be launched on the market in the spring of 2017.


Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sarah Holmes. Property and commercial lawyer qualified in both New Zealand and the United Kingdom, currently not practising. She lives in Sarajevo. She is very interested to learn more about how business, entrepreneurship and job growth can be fostered in Bosnia and where she might be able to support that process.


Solution404 d.o.o | Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Semir Sakanovic was born in Velika Kladuša in 1991. He completed his M.A. in engineering electrics and electronics, and is currently enrolled in a PhD program in Information Technology (IT).

He is the founder and director of Solution404 d.o.o., which focuses on innovative solutions as well as teaching and training of young people in BiH in the fields of hardware and software. The firm owns, and together with Centrotrans-Eurolines, maintains a system called “Information Display.” Semir also developed, led and participated in numerous projects including “Yugo 45 solar and electric drive.”


ProAcademia | Sarajevo, Bosna i Hercegovina

Selma Operhal is academic designer with more than 15 years of experience in graphic design. Her work is especially focused to the logo design, packaging design and creative campaigns. As a graphic designer, she worked for various B&H and international clients on projects such as handmade natural products Dr.Pasha, TruFusion Yoga Center in Las Vegas, BirdLife International’s sub-brands Conservation Careers UK and many others.

Selma is the co-founder and creative director of ProAcademia; the start-up in establishment phase, with a goal to link the Bosnian designers with other markets. ProAcademia has already implemented several successful projects in the field of graphic and web design for the German, Dutch and American market for client Complete Women Care in Los Angeles.

ProAcademia can help in creating a design which raises awareness about your brand and create a significant impact on sales of the products. Their expertise is in corporate identity, design marketing campaigns, packaging design, web design and publishing.


Networks | Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Senad Alibegovic is the Community Manager at Networks INT, the brand new business, entrepreneurial and educational centre in Sarajevo. He received his M.A. in Political Science with specialization in European Integration studies, as well as a M.Sc. in Architectural Engineering with a focus on barrier-free environment. His graduation project was elected as the best in BiH in the field of architectural and urban design, representing BiH at the ArchiPrix Madrid 2014 global competition.

He is one of the few Youth Advisors of the OSCE Mission to BiH. Previously he worked as a Parliamentary Assistant at the European Parliament in Brussels in the MEP office of EP reporter for BiH, Mr. Cristian Dan Preda. Within 9 years of his civic engagement, Senad was involved in the establishment of Youth Council of Visoko Municipality, Network of Youth Councils in Zenica – Doboj region, Youth Association “Youth Pulse”, as well as work with several local, national, regional and international organizations, including: Swiss Helsinki Committee, European Forum Alpbach, Konrad Adenauer Foundation, European Youth Parliament, and IAESTE, among others. Senad graduated Summa Cum Laude Student of Generation 2014 and completed several prestigious fellowship programs, including Humanity in Action and Pat Cox.


International Development Group LLC | Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tom Ruddy holds an undergraduate degree from The American University’s School of International Service in Washington, D.C. and an Executive MBA degree in International Management from Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (1999). He has over 30 years of professional experience in all aspects of international business from start-ups to consulting with Fortune 500 clients in Asia, North America, Europe, and the former USSR. He has served as a consultant to several governments including those of the EU, US, Ukraine, Russia, Ireland, Croatia, Canada and Turkey. He has been a consultant to UNDP,
BiH in the areas of FDI promotion, MSME innovation and financing, industry clustering and diaspora program evaluation and development. He currently resides in Sarajevo.

International Development Group LLC (IDG, assists donors, governments, and the private sector in creating and taking advantage of opportunities for sustainable, broad-based economic development. IDG has 28 years of experience carrying out projects in investment promotion, trade, boosting company and country competitiveness, monitoring and evaluation, and other approaches to economic development.


University College of Tourism and Management in Konjic, | Konjic, B&H

Vedrana Alagic is a lecturer at the University College of Tourism and Management (VSTIM) in Konjic, and the Associate Dean for Finance. She graduated from the Faculty of Economics, University of Sarajevo.

In 2013, she was a management assistant for SurTec Eurosjaju Ltd. Konjic (Manufacturer of specialty chemicals for metal surface protection), and in 2014, worked in Berlin and Brussels at the Department of International Relations and Risk Management at the Association of Insurance Companies of Germany (GDV). She has participated in several seminars and training sessions, one of which says: Preparation of project proposals within the third call for cross border program BiH-Serbia for EU IPA funds, P&G Rising Stars project, and participation in the Symposium’s conference and the conference “Implementation of the Bologna Process in South East Europe.”

The VSTIM in Konjic was established in 2012. It is the first higher education institution in BiH specializing in tourism. Her degree concentation in Geotourism is unique in Southeast Europe, while the degree concentration in Communication and Tourism is unique in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The current project ideas of VSTIM include: ITIP- Islamic tourism information portal and Geopark Konjic, among others.


APU Network | Bromma, Sweden

Zemira Goja is born and raised in Bosanska Gradiska. She moved to Sweden in 1992 and has lived in Stockholm since. Zemira has been a Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE) since 1999, and has worked in the telecom sector for over 16 years. Her strong background in problem solving, customer support and leadership has led to her success in the industry.

She is currently working as the Senior Quality Assurance Lead in E2E process using Lean and ITIL framework for Telia Company AB. Along with her extensive experience Zemira uses her coaching skills to help develop both individuals and organizations. She has served as a board member for APU Network since 2015.

APU Network is a non-profit organization with 600+ members, mainly in Sweden and with a background from and/or interest in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Its goal is to strengthen Bosnia and Herzegovina’s diaspora in Sweden, to further develop relations & cooperations between Sweden and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and to promote a positive image of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Sweden.