Solution on a “turnkey” basis

We handle business requests as well as facilitate foreign investments, by leveraging our network and their contacts around the world.

For these companies or individuals who have a hard time navigating through the legal framework and complex administrative processes, Restart offers a solution on a “turnkey” basis, which includes services mentioned below.


Do you want to avoid complicated Bosnian administration? You do not have the time that you want to allocate to notaries, lawyers, court, tax authorities and other institutions? Just leave it to us. We offer complete administration and paperwork for the establishment of a new company. Together with the notary we will prepare a formal request for establishment of your company, apply for registration of the company to the court, apply for an ID number, VAT number and tax certificate. We’ll find an appropriate place for you, arrange the rental of space and enter into a contract with an accountant.


People make a company. Without them, nothing is possible. Therefore it is important to choose the right people in the right positions. We provide consulting for engagement of highly skilled professionals in the legal sector and accounting, as well as direct contacts of freelancers and vendors in the areas which your company needs. We can conduct the whole process of recruitment, from the job position announcement through testing of candidates, up to the final selection, in accordance to your wishes.


You hired staff in the company, you have a client for which you work, but you do not have time to establish a system of work and business processes.

We advise management teams about creating business process in a company. We’ll prepare an analysis of your needs and help your management team to establish a working process for the whole team.


Startup cannot grow without well thought business plan, neither a business can be developed without a steady growth of the people working for you. Staff education and innovation only lead to progress. The market grows and changes so fast that it is necessary to constantly learn and thrive in your field. We organize educational events, conferences, courses, skill-based training within Media / IT / Business as needed in the market, that will help you either build your business plan or build your staff.


Restart Management Board members are entrepreneurs and managers which lived in Diaspora, came back to Sarajevo and personally faced all the obstacles of running the business in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

As a business embassy for the diaspora, we handle business requests and facilitate investments coming from the diaspora network and their contacts around the world, by helping them to find reliable projects. We invite you to get in touch with us if you are looking for interesting projects to invest in.

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Restart connects start-ups and entrepreneurs with angel investors and capitalists looking to invest in projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

For investors, it is important that entrepreneurs are able to prepare a Business plan that consists of well thought-out strategy and road-map for execution and achieving growth.  You should answer the following questions: Which markets are to be targeted? What is the business model? How to reach customers? How to monetize the product? What distribution channels are to be used? What is your break-even?

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